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Harrow Folk Dance Club

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About Harrow Folk Dance Club

Harrow Folk Dance Club (HFDC) started in 1970, initially as an evening class at the instigation of our founder, John Lawes. It very quickly became a fully functioning Folk Dance Club and during its history has catered for Maypole dancing, Morris dancing, Clog dancing, American Square-Thro dancing as well as traditional English Folk Dancing - which is now the only activity of the club.

The Club is a registered charity and affiliated to the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

In the past the Club has hosted Saturday evening dances to which members of surrounding clubs were invited. One was a "Playford Ball" when guests would often attend dressed in period costume of the 17th and 18th century.

Some club members have enjoyed attending summer Dance Festivals in different parts of the country and would often bring back new dances for club members to try.

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