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Harrow Folk Dance Club

Frances Oates and the Turnabouts

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Welcome to the Harrow Folk Dance Club

The club remains a very friendly group who enjoy Folk Dancing and caters for people of all ages, experience and ability. You don't need to come with a partner as club members will ensure that you are able to join in the dances.

It is a pleasant way of taking gentle exercise in congenial company.

The club concentrates mainly on traditional dances through to more modern English folk dances. The older dances are the sort that are featured in Jane Austen plays (Pride and Prejudice, etc)

The club now meets on a Wednesday afternoon from 2 p.m. to 4 the Vagabons Tennis club in Holwell Place (off REastcote Road}, Pinner, HA5 1DY. There is a small car park.

All dances are led by a "Caller" who walks you through the dance to begin with, and then "Calls" the moves and figures during the dance - so no prior knowledge is required, but it helps if you know your left foot from your right.

Annual membership costs £10 and each session costs £3. If you want to give it a try we normally don't charge for the first couple of sessions.

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